Root canal therapy is a treatment that can restore the health of a tooth that is affected by infection, disease, or damage. The dental pulp, which is located in the center of the tooth, contains the tooth’s living tissues. If this area of the tooth becomes injured or infected, it can eventually cause the tooth to die, necessitating extraction. In these cases, Dr. Griffith may recommend root canal therapy to return the tooth to good health and to prevent the need for tooth extraction.

During root canal therapy, our dentist gently opens the tooth and removes the infected and damaged tissues from the tooth. After cleaning the tooth and restructuring the root canal system as needed, he fills the tooth and caps it with a restoration to protect it. In most cases, a dental crown is needed to restore the tooth’s structure. A root canal in Casper, Wyoming, can often be completed in one visit, and our team will make certain that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Dr. Griffith and his staff will be happy to explain procedures, pros and cons to those procedures, and possible alternative treatments.

If you have noticed any type of dental pain or if you would like to learn more about root canal therapy, we welcome you to contact our office soon. We look forward to helping you improve your oral health.